Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Marketing For Kenyan Businesses
linkedin marketing for kenyan businesses

Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Marketing For Kenyan Businesses

Have you ever heard of LinkedIn?

Is your business on LinkedIn?

In this post, we will explore LinkedIn, learn how it can help your brand, and how you can leverage it to achieve your business objectives.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that helps users build networks with other users. Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn has a specific user audience – professionals. Most of its users are looking to network with others, offer jobs, or find careers. This makes LinkedIn a professional platform which is its Unique Value Proposition (USP). You can’t expect monkey business on the platform; just serious people looking for opportunities.

While LinkedIn approach to social networking is vastly different compared to other platforms, it has common social features. Sites such as Facebook allow users to find and add friends, offer messaging features, timeline feed, etc. LinkedIn has most of these features but some have been enhanced to provide a better experience for its niche audience. For example, instead of adding someone as a friend like users do on Facebook, you invite a user to be your connection. When the invite is accepted, you have a new connection in your network.

What is Unique about LinkedIn?

social media platforms by use in kenya
Social Media Users in Kenya (2016). Image Source:

LinkedIn is the fourth most popular social media site in Kenya after Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With hundreds of thousands of Kenyan professionals active on the platform, LinkedIn offers great marketing opportunities for businesses. One key thing that makes the site an effective marketing channel is its niche audience. There are more professionals on LinkedIn than on any other social media platform. This means with a strong brand presence on LinkedIn, your business is visible to potential clients and employees.

Also, did you know LinkedIn has the highest conversion rate? A study conducted by HubSpot showed that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. That’s a huge figure. This indicates the immense conversion power of LinkedIn which could benefit your business in acquiring more customers without spending a huge budget on LinkedIn Marketing.

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So, if your business in not on LinkedIn, now is a great time to join the platform.  Still in doubt? Here are some key reasons why you should leverage LinkedIn to market your brand.

Why you should use LinkedIn

1. Spread Brand Awareness

Digital presence for brands is a necessity to survive in the competition. One key way to bringing your brand online is using social media. LinkedIn is one of the major social media platforms that can make your business more visible online. With a well-detailed company page on LinkedIn, you can amplify your online brand presence and get more eyes on your business. This means more exposure and higher brand awareness among your target audience.

2. Boost Trust and Reputation

Trust is essential to your business success. By leveraging LinkedIn, you can build trust and reputation. To foster trust, you should regularly post engaging and informative content. This is a surefire way to make your connections and followers trust you. Also, communicating your brand’s point of view and engaging your community can enhance your brand reputation.

3. Find partners

LinkedIn is not just a marketing tool. It is a platform with many opportunities one of which is finding people with similar interests. On LinkedIn, you can find people or brands willing to forge a mutually beneficial relationship. For example, you may partner with a brand to launch a co-branding project or joint corporate social initiative.

4. Connect With Experts

LinkedIn is a great social platform for learning. It is teeming with experts and influencers from different industries. Following these experts gives you a chance to learn from them, gather new tips and hacks, and get answers to some of your questions.

5. Nurture and Generate Leads

With LinkedIn Marketing, you can reach a wide audience and build a following of prospective customers. By regularly posting both informative and promotional content, you can turn your followers and connections into paying customers. Remember, you have to be consistent, patient, and responsive to get results.

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Ready to start LinkedIn marketing? Learn how to build your brand presence on LinkedIn.

How To Put Your Business on LinkedIn and Get More Results

1. Build Your Own Profile

Before creating a page for your business on LinkedIn, you need to build your own profile. You are a representative of the company and you need to be visible on the platform too. While creating the profile, it is essential to make it professional. Consider applying the following best practices on your profile.

  • Use a professional passport size photo as the profile picture
  • Use your real name
  • Add a professional cover photo
  • Fill out your bio
  • Include details of your previous work experiences and institutions where you schooled
  • Upload your resume or certifications if you have any
  • Add your skills, interests and accomplishments

2. Create a company page

The next step is to create a company profile for your business. To do so, click the work icon and scroll down to ‘Create a Company Page’. Click this option and fill out company name in the page displayed. Next, you’ll have to put company details such as description, specialties, Website URL, company size, location, etc. Make sure all these details are included in the page. Also, you should make your business logo the page’s profile picture and upload a professional cover photo.

create linked company page

Create Your Company Page.

Valuable Tip: Put relevant keywords in your company description to optimize your page for search.

3. Publish Engaging Content

With your company page published, engagement should be your priority. More engagement on the page implies more visibility, followers, and leads. To build engagement, you should publish informative, relevant, and inspiring content. Such content include:

  • Industry trends and how-to articles
  • Tips and best practices
  • Thought-leadership content
  • Industry events
  • Product/service information

It can be challenging to post regularly if you don’t have a content plan in place. You should consider developing a content posting schedule to avoid running out of content. Schedule at least one post per weekday for maximum engagement. Remember to use different content formats such as photos and videos to get more results.

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4. Monitor Performance with Analytics

LinkedIn has an inbuilt analytics feature which is essential for tracking the performance of your posts. To monitor your company page results, you should regularly check the analytics dashboard. From the results, you can identify the most effective content. You should use this insight to adjust your content strategy to give what your followers want and maximize your results.

linked marketing analytics

5. Try out LinkedIn Ads

If you are willing to spend to get more results, you should try out LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn gives you the flexibility to target a unique audience and control your advertising budget. With LinkedIn Ads, you can boost your page visibility and posts and get more engagement.

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LinkedIn is an effective marketing channel that can win you more business. With a strong presence on the platform and a concrete engagement plan, you can improve brand visibility and generate more leads. Isn’t that what you want? Start marketing on LinkedIn.

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