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Over 15 million Kenyans search for businesses online. Are they finding your brand or your competitors? Amplify your digital presence with one of the leading SEO company in Kenya. We are experts in optimizing brand’s online presence for more visibility, traffic, and leads. Partner with us to drive more sales from your website with custom SEO services.

#1 SEO Company in Kenya

Admoran is an SEO company in Kenya the specializes in helping businesses build a profitable digital presence with their websites. We research, plan, and execute effective SEO campaigns aligned with our customers’ objectives. Our focus is not just to boost search rankings and traffic with our custom SEO services. We aim at ensuring our customers get more targeted traffic that convert into sales. We apply a growth-driven SEO strategy and methodology to turn our clients’ websites into a sales channel.

Being visible on search engines should be a priority for Kenyan businesses. With millions of Kenyans searching online, your brand needs to be seen to get leads and sales. It’s time to amplify your brand presence online to make your brand more visible to your target audience. By partnering with the right SEO expert, you can boost your leads conversion rate and sales without spending much. 

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Growth-Focused SEO Services for Kenyan Brands

Our SEO services can help your business achieve growth by focusing on:

1. Better Website Rankings

As an online marketing company, we know visibility matters in sales. The higher the visibility, the more the engagement. As such, we focus on optimizing websites for higher search engine rankings to boost brand visibility. We apply best practices, modern SEO tools, and strategies to enhance your website rankings for relevant keywords.

2. More Targeted Traffic

Higher rankings for the right keywords can boost traffic to your site. We apply a marketing perspective to ensure your website not only ranks high but also gets high quality traffic. This means visitors that land on your site search for products and services you offer, and they are more likely to convert. The end-goal is to ensure as many relevant visitors come to your website.

3.Measurable Results

We are transparent in our work and ensure you get detailed information about our SEO campaigns. Our Nairobi SEO company provides comprehensive SEO reports on a monthly basis to give you a clear overview of the success of our campaigns. You’ll get insight into traffic hits, keyword ranking position, traffic sources, visitor engagement rate, etc.

More than an SEO Company: We Deliver Results

We Use Industry-Proven tactics

We are SEO experts but we always strive to apply best practices and industry trends to make your brand visible to your audience.  We have vast experience in various search engine optimization aspects and a deep understanding of how the internet works.  Also, we’ve enabled dozens of brands achieve first-page Google rankings for competitive keywords and drive more traffic. We apply the same strategies, skills, tools, and expertise for your website to help your business outrank your rivals.

We don’t outsource our SEO Services

Many SEO companies in Kenya will outsource your project to other SEO experts within or outside the country. We have an in-house team of SEO specialists to handle our search engine optimizations services. They manage all tasks from keyword research, onpage SEO, to backlink building,  to help your website rank high for the right keywords, and become more visible to your specific target audience.

We specialize in Digital Marketing

Our expertise goes beyond search engine optimization. We not only focus on ranking factors (website design, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.), but also apply a marketing perspective to ensure our services deliver value for your website. Also, we ensure our SEO services give your brand visibility across the country. Whether you are targeting an audience in Mombasa or Nairobi, our SEO services will help you achieve your goals.

We tailor our SEO services

Our search engine optimization services are unique to our customers’ goals and target audience. Businesses have different needs and one SEO package may not always work for all of them. We tailor our solutions to your requirements and strive to make a difference in your marketing plan. Also, our SEO prices are affordable for most of our clients including small businesses and start-ups.

Strategic SEO Process
Business and Site Analysis

We assess your business to understand your goals and ideal customers. We also analyse your site to discover issues that needs fixing.

Planning & Goal Development

We develop a custom plan for our SEO process to transform your site into a lead generation machine by ranking it higher than your rivals.


We use every tool, skills, expertise, and technologies we have to clean up your site, and optimize it for both search engines and visitors.

Performance Tracking

We continuously track your site’s performance to identify the success of our SEO campaign and send your reports to show you the progress. 

Admoran - Seo company in Kenya
What people say?
Excellent design, timely maintenance and great SEO for our website . We now rank top among the PA system distributors in Kenya. Highly recommended !!!
Thank you Admoran for the SEO service. The sales for my business have grown as we are more visible to our clients. Anyone looking to market their business try them today.
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Ngugi Gicheru

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