Social Media Marketing For Kenyan Businesses
social media marketing for kenyan businesses

Social Media Marketing For Kenyan Businesses

Do you use social media to promote your business?

If you are not marketing your business on social media, you’re losing ground to your rivals.


A growing number of Kenyan small businesses have at least one social media account. Most leverage the power of social media to reach their target audience and promote their products/services. Your business is among the remaining few that are yet to harness social media to their advantage.

So why does social media matter to your business?

Facebook Marketing for Kenyan businesses

It is estimated that over 15 million Kenyans are on social media. With internet penetration growing rapidly, this figure is expected to grow exponentially in the near future. Most of your target customers are on social media. So if you want your brand to be visible to them, social media marketing is the way to go.

What You Gain From Social Media Marketing

Putting your brand on social media comes with a lot of benefits that can add value to your business. Some of them include:

1. Spread brand awareness.

Creating a social media profile for your business enhances your visibility as more people can view your profile. More pairs of eyes on your profile implies greater brand awareness among your target audience.

2. Increase site traffic

Adding a URL on your profile or on your posts can encourage people to visit your site. This means more traffic to your site which can help you get more readers eager to consume your content and become your customers.

3. Improve Search Rankings

Links from social media are a key ranking factor on Google. By building business pages on different social platforms and being active, you can move up your search rankings and get noticed by more potential customers.

4. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Social media is a two-way communication channel – it allows you to send messages to your followers and receive feedback from them. This enhances customer engagement for businesses that seek to learn from their customers. From their comments and messages, you can understand what your customers want, what they expect from your brand and how to fulfill their needs.

5. Higher Conversion Rates

Social media gives you an opportunity to humanize your brand and give it a positive impression. This is key to building trust among your audience which results in higher conversion rates. Studies report that social media has a higher conversion rate than outbound marketing channels.

6. More Brand Authority

Consistently sharing information related to your products or services can build your brand credibility and establish you as a thought leader in your niche.

7. Reduce Marketing Costs

Signing up and advertising on social media platforms is free. This makes it a cost-effective channel for spreading awareness of your brand. With the right marketing strategy on social media, you can cut your advertising costs and get great results.

Are you ready to reap these benefits?

If you want to get more results, you should consider using social media. However, you should not just delve into social media marketing without a clue of the platforms you should use to reach your customers. Choosing the right platforms is key to finding where your customers are.

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Most Popular Social Media Platforms in Kenya


Currently, Facebook is the most popular social platform in Kenya. It is reported to have more than 15 million users in the country and this number is growing. It is more likely that your target customers are using Facebook to socialize or find recommendations. As such, this should be the first place to build a presence for your brand. You can do so by creating a page to showcase your business.

Pro Tip: Ensure your fill out all the details in the business page such as profile photo, business description, phone number, and website URL.


This photo and video sharing site has gained traction and is the second most used social platform in Kenya. Unlike Facebook, it has a specific user base which is mainly millennials. If you’re a marketer with an eye for young people, Instagram should be your first stop. This social platform is built around sharing visuals such as images and videos. It also has other advanced features such as live streaming which you can tap to spread brand awareness.

Pro Tip: Consider posting regularly and using relevant hashtags to reach more people and enhance engagement.


Twitter is another popular social platform in Kenya with a wide user base. You are likely to find a substantial portion of your target audience here. This platform allows people to share short-form content in form of tweets. It provides a hashtag feature to give your tweets a context and reach more people. Also, you can follow interesting people and brands and build your own following.

Pro Tip: You should tweet at least 5 times a day to reach more people and build engagement. More tweets mean more visibility.


LinkedIn is known as the social network for professionals. You can find thought leaders, job seekers, and marketers here. This makes it ideal for a marketer looking to reach and forge relationships with other businesses. Studies report that B2B marketers get more leads from LinkedIn than any other social platform. By building a presence on LinkedIn, you can increase your network connections and get more sales opportunities.

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Pro Tip: Build a professional company page which includes details about your business. Also, post quality content on the page to boost engagement.


YouTube is the second most popular site in Kenya after Google. Millions of Kenyans use the website for fun, to discover new music, get recommendations, etc. This site mainly involves sharing videos which users can view, share, and comment. To build a presence on YouTube, marketers should create channels and upload interesting and captivating videos about your brand. Besides promotional videos, you can also create educative videos such as video reviews or tutorials to inform your audience. This can help you increase your subscribers. With a strong presence on YouTube, you can enhance brand awareness and harness more leads.

Pro Tip: Optimize your videos by including keywords in title, tags, and description. This helps more people to find your videos.

All of these social media platforms are used by specific groups of people with different needs. Often, your target customers may be using more than one platform. As such, it is advisable to have a presence in at least two of the social media platforms to get more brand exposure.

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Social Media Marketing Plan

After identifying the platforms to use, you have to create a social media marketing plan. This is an important step that most businesses fail to consider. Without a plan, you can’t succeed in pushing your brand out there. A social media marketing strategy helps guide your marketing efforts and achieve the results you want. An effective plan should include:

Goals: You need to define the business goals you want to achieve through social media marketing. It may be to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site, or convert more leads. Ensure you define your goals to get a clear overview of what you want to achieve.

Audience: Do you who you are marketing to? You have to research your target audience to identify your ideal customers, their behaviors etc. This is key to building a detailed buyer persona you can leverage in your social marketing campaigns to get better results.

Content Plan: You need quality content to engage your audience and increase your social following. As such, you should consider defining the type of content you’ll be posting. It maybe videos, images, text, polls, etc. Consider using various content types to amplify engagement. Also, create a content schedule to guide you when to post on social media. With a schedule, you have an idea of the content you’ll post, tools to curate the content, and the best time to post it.

Metrics: Defining goals is important in social media marketing. They help you determine whether your efforts are working or not. Some important metrics you should consider are likes, comments, and shares. These can give you an insight into how engaging your posts are.

With a plan in hand, you’re ready to make your brand visible on social media. You have to create social media accounts, customize your profile with photos and descriptive copy, and start posting your content.

Don’t forget to track the metrics. It’s advisable to perform an audit on a weekly basis. This can give you a clear overview of the success of your efforts which is key to identifying strategies that are delivering results. Next, tweak your social media marketing plan based on the audit results. This can help you to continually improve your marketing strategies and achieve your goals.

Ready to take your business to new heights? Start marketing on social media now.

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