Social Media Marketing Services for more leads

Looking to build social media presence and grow your conversions? We provide strategic social media marketing services by incorporating engaging content and analytics to deliver great results. With social media being the one of the main platforms to meet and engage your customers, it’s time you enhance make your brand more social.

Kenya’s Leading Social Media Agency

We are a social media marketing company based in Nairobi, Kenya specializing in planning, content creation, social selling, and influence marketing. We believe social media is a key platform for brands to connect with customers. Our aim is to help businesses tap into the power of social media through our effective social media management solutions to achieve growth.

Our social media marketing services help businesses build compelling and profitable social presence. We connect your brand with thousands of customers, build conversations, and enhance audience engagement to drive more sales. With our social advertising solutions, you have one of a cost-effective and targeted advertising method to achieve your business objectives.

Social Media Marketing Services in kenya

Social Media Marketing Services That Work

At Admoran, we believe social media is a great platform to build conversations and nurture leads. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, being social should be your priority. With social media marketing, you can connect with your customers, spread brand awareness, and generate brand loyalty. To achieve this, you need an effective social media strategy aligned with your business objectives. That’s where we come in.

As one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Nairobi, we have the know-how, experience, and deep understanding of what your brands needs to build a profitable social media presence. Having worked with dozens of brands and putting them ahead of the curve, we are more than capable of building your social brand and making it thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. From social media strategy development to social media management to paid advertising, our marketing team uses insight and best practices to help your brand reach your target market.

admoran - social media marketing agency in nairobi

Performance-Oriented Social Media Advertising

With our strategic social media solutions, your brand can:

Save your marketing budget

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective and high converting form of advertising. You can reach thousands of people with just Ksh. 500. Compared to traditional media, our social media marketing services are less costly, and more effective in bringing results. Even with a small budget, we can position your brand and get it more noticed on social media. Also, our social media marketing charges are within your budget.

Target the ideal customer

Social media advertising is great because you can target your customers effectively. We can help you reach your potential customers based on:

  • Demographics: We can target your audience based on age, location, profession, interests, and online behaviours.
  • Emails: We can use your email list to run ads targeting people who’ve had a previous interaction with your brand.
  • Website visitors: We can retarget recent website visitors, put your brand at the top of their mind, and boost conversions.

Get Fast Results

We optimize our social media services to help your business reach more potential customers instantly. This ensures you increase your follower base, social engagement, and traffic to your website within a short time.

Our Social Media Marketing Solutions

We position your brand in all platforms to bring in more leads.

facebook advertising agency in kenya

Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook the most popular social media platform in Kenya to reach your customers both B2B and B2C and drive more traffic and leads to your website.

instagram marketing in kenya

Instagram Advertising

Make your visual brand identity more captivating on Instagram to build awareness. Attract and engage more customers with effective Instagram ads.

linkedin advertising in kenya

LinkedIn Advertising

Build your brand authority and expand your reach with LinkedIn. Generate more brand awareness, traffic, and conversions with LinkedIn advertising.

twitter advertising in kenya

Twitter Advertising

Use Twitter one of the most popular social platform in Kenya to connect with your ideal customers, build conversations around your brand, and nurture leads.

Our Social Media Marketing Process


We develop a comprehensive plan on how to build your social identity, reach your audience, and drive action aligned with your business goals. 

Social Activation

Next, we activate your brand on social media by creating pages on all relevant social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Content Strategy

We develop creative content that resonates with your audience, answers their questions, and helps them get a better insight into your brand.

Social Campaigns

We regularly post content on all your social media pages, track audience engagement, and use insight to boost conversations tied to your brand.

social media marketing in kenya
Why Choose Us

We’re the #1 Social Media Marketing Agency in Nairobi and Beyond. 

We’re social media experts

We have experience and deep understanding on best practices regarding social media advertising. We understand creating effective social content, conversion optimization, split testing, and retargeting.

Tailored Social Solutions

No two businesses are the same. We tailor our social media strategy to the needs of each business. Our focus is to help your brand realize positive ROI and growth from your social media marketing efforts.

Get Value for your money

We don’t want you to spend you entire marketing budget on us. Our social media marketing charges are affordable and reflect the true cost of our service. Whatever you’ll pay us, you’ll get the value you deserve.

What people say?
Admoran has to be best social media marketing agency in Kenya. Their brilliant team helped me build strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. I can now engage with more customers.
Admoran has been managing my social media accounts, and they have so far exceeded my expectations. Engagement and inquiries on my Facebook business page has increased significantly.

Want to grow your business on Social Media?

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