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Search engine optimization strategy is fuel for your business growth.

Our SEO company in Nairobi optimizes your website for better user experience and search engine indexing with website adjustments and improvements. We start by auditing your website to identify performance issues, content gaps and link opportunities. Then we develop an SEO optimization strategy that outlines each key improvement to be done.

Our SEO services in Kenya are perfect for companies which are:

  • Not appearing on Google for relevant keywords 
  • Suffering from low website traffic
  • Frustrated with poor online sales
  • Looking to improve visibility on Google and other search engine
  • Seeking to reduce Google Ad budget 
  • Building a long-term organic marketing strategy 

A customer-first strategy to improve visibility for keywords that matter

It starts with understanding your customers and what they’re searching for. We leverage competitor audits and keyword research to understand their motivations and information they are searching for online.

Keyword Research

SEO starts with keywords. We use data to identify keywords with moderate to high traffic and are relevant to your brand and target audience.

Targeted Content

We identify content gaps/opportunities and create valuable content optimized for your customers’ search intent and buying stages.

A transparent, collaborative relationship.

Each month, you’ll have clarity of the SEO campaign’s performance. We’ll monitor keyword ranking and website traffic and send a detailed monthly report. Together, we’ll identify optimal actions that can result in improving search visibility and increasing traffic.

Detailed Reporting

Our SEO performance report is more than just a data recap. We take time to provide detailed insights on actions that improve your website rankings.

A Dedicated Team

You will have a dedicated team composed of the best SEO experts in Kenya. As your business and needs evolve, our team will continually support you.

Professional SEO Agency to scale your Visibility, Sales and Revenue

You’re looking to get Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing budget. Our reputable SEO agency in Kenya has the experience and expertise to amplify your search visibility, website traffic and sales.

An Agency That Generates Online Sales

With 10+ successful SEO campaigns executed in the last 2 years, we have the capability to increase your website ranking and visibility on Google. Our team of marketing strategists, content writers and SEO experts in Kenya collaborate to build and implement campaigns that deliver tangible results.

Long Term PLan

Our SEO strategy is not a quick fix to your website ranking problems. We build a plan that helps your brand to dominate your niche and industry. Our SEO services in Nairobi ensures your company achieves longevity and dominance on Google’s search results for all relevant keywords aligned with your customers’buying journey.

Our latest SEO success stories 🔥

Here’s a selection of our latest SEO optimization projects.

Wefix Tech

Neevy Entertainment
“There has been an uptick in the website traffic and rate of visitors to buyers. I frequently get compliments from customers on how easy our website is to navigate and to find exactly what they’re looking for.”
– Anthony Kahinga, Manager, Wefix Tech

SEO Marketing and much more.

As a leading SEO company in Kenya, we are experts in SEO marketing, helping our clients boost rankings on search engines and attract more qualified traffic. We work with clients in various industries including B2B, ecommerce and small businesses.


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