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Integrated Marketing Services

The market landscape is rapidly changing. It’s time to adopt a new approach to marketing your business. Whether you’re selling a service or product, you need support from a strategic, efficient, tech-savvy team.

Admoran Marketing is a full-service marketing agency company that enables business owners with big visions to integrate their marketing and promotion efforts – accelerate growth.

Strategic Web Development and Design

A website is a key asset in your business. It touches all parts of your operations – from sales, marketing to customer support. And that’s why we believe web development should be aligned with your business goals. We develop scalable and flexible websites that change with your needs and grow alongside your business. We integrate all digital channels – from SEO to email – into your website to engage your audience at every stage of their journey.

With a custom website, your business can stand out in the crowd. Not only can you attract qualified traffic but also build engagement and convert more customers with targeted website content assets. This gives your business a unique advantage online.

Business Website

eCommerce Website

eLearning Website

Custom Web Application

Membership Website

Landing Pages

Web Portal

Magazine/News Website

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Google Ads (PPC, Display & Mobile Ads)

Content Creation and Marketing

Email Marketing

Mobile Advertising

Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing

A measurable digital marketing strategy is essential in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Some jump to tactics they think can promote their business, but if the marketing efforts aren’t aligned, they can’t deliver meaningful results.

The Magic of an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Your website, social media campaigns, SEO, email, and content should be aligned in a digital marketing plan. At Admoran Marketing, we have an integrated marketing approach that ensures your strategy involves technology to deliver results and insight.

Marketing Automation

Every business has manual workflows. Marketing, sales, HR – every department has them. What if you could automate the workflows and focus on more important tasks? It’s true. Admoran Marketing consultants can help.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Admoran marketing has a team of marketing automation experts ready to automate your business processes. If your have manual tasks in marketing, HR, sales or any other departments, we can automate them. Let’s talk.

Automation Strategy



Sales Automation

Social Media

Email Marketing


Customer Service

Online Media


Transit Media

Indoor Media

Print Media (Newspaper, Magazine)




Alternative Media

Media Planning and Buying

Admoran Marketing delivers fully integrated media buying and planning services in kenya to build strong brand visibility, enhance awareness, and generate leads. Our advertising strategy focuses on aligning media plans with your business goals, budget, and target audiences. We develop custom, multi-channel campaigns that help your business reach and engage your ideal customers at the best cost.

Advertising Company in 3 cities and 70+ towns

Our marketing experience has taught us that advertising plans differ. Some audiences respond well to Facebook ads. Some don’t while others use other networks. As such, we offer our clients various ad placements in various forms from buses, airports, malls, to mobile billboards. With Admoran, you have an advertising partner to reach your target audiences in 70+ towns across Kenya. 

Branding and Creative Design

Your brand identity involves a blend of visual, verbal, and emotional attributes that sets your business apart in the market. Admoran Marketing helps Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) implement a unique branding strategy that captivates and retains attention.

If you’re an SME in Kenya, you need a modern look that builds a positive first impression and guides your prospects to take action. The issue is, you have to involve a design firm and a web development agency to create your brand. But with an integrated marketing agency and branding agency like Admoran Marketing, you can get branding services that capture attention and communicate your value proposition.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Stationery Design

Video Production


Branded Merchandise

Product Packaging


Print Design

Digital Marketing Design

Other Areas of Expertise

Your brand is a story – how you intend to solve your customers’ problems. It takes going an extra mile in your marketing strategy to stand out from the competition. That’s where Admoran comes in.

Our marketing team puts their creativity and ideas in action to showcase your brand to your audience in a way they have not seen before to inspire, educates, and persuade. As a full-service marketing company, we believe effective communication involves delivering your brand story across every channel to the right audience. We work with various clients across different industries providing expertise in the following categories.

Influencer Marketing

Public Relations

Lead Generation

Partnership Marketing

Market Research

Thought Leadership Marketing

Loyalty Programs

Why Admoran?

You can do marketing yourself. But most business owners don’t have time and the expertise to execute successful marketing campaigns. What does Admoran bring to the table? We’re not just bringing marketing experts but also tools to integrate and align your processes. We take time to understand your business, audience, challenges then go to create marketing strategy that help you tap into new opportunities. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it.

Our Stats

Facts are only mirrors until they are backed by statistics. Here are our facts.

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Clients That Love Us

Kenyan businesses that have achieved growth with our services

Being visible to potential clients was a big struggle for us. Our website also was slow. We believed ranking well in Google search would give us a competitive edge. Admoran’s SEO specialists helped increase traffic to our website and flow of clients to our dental facility.
Dr. Chege Mbiu

Dentist, ArrowDental

“Admoran Marketing has gone above and beyond and helped my website rank first on Google. The agency understood what we wanted to accomplish and gave us value for our money. Their team actively engaged with us throughout the project and we could rely on them for marketing insight.”
DJ Neevy

Owner, Neevy Entertainment

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